About Nathan Dahm

Nathan Dahm for Congress 2017Nathan Dahm spent the first part of his childhood growing up in Broken Arrow attending Vandever Elementary school as his parents attended Bible school to become missionaries. After the fall of communism in Eastern Europe, the Dahm family moved to Romania to start a mission work. Based out of Broken Arrow, the Dahm family would return home each summer to travel throughout the U.S. and raise support for the mission.

Growing up in a family dedicated to serving others, Nathan soon answered the call to serve others and returned to the mission field after graduating high school. He soon became general manager of the 65-acre ministry campus being developed. With the launch of a Bible school on the campus, he became Dean of Students for the charter class and continued in that capacity as well as general manager until he returned home to Broken Arrow.

Upon returning home to Broken Arrow, Nathan quickly noticed the challenges facing our nation. Having personally experienced the failures of communism, socialism, and affronts on freedom and liberty, he quickly got involved in volunteering in the local Republican Party. Throughout his years of dedicated involvement in the local party, Nathan has served as a precinct Chair and Vice Chair, on the County Executive Committee, and as President of the Tulsa Area Republican Assembly.

With his desire to learn more first-hand how government works, Nathan accepted a position with a local city as an engineering technician upon returning to Broken Arrow. He then transitioned to managing his family’s start-up company while becoming an entrepreneur himself. With the launch of the iPhone, he saw the potential for app development and started his own software service creating medical apps for iPhone.

Continuing his desire to serve others, Nathan ran for the Oklahoma State Senate and was elected in 2012 despite being outspent 4 to 1 by his opponents. Nathan has served the residents of Oklahoma Senate District 33, which encompasses Broken Arrow, Bixby, and Tulsa for 5 years. In the State Senate, Nathan was appointed and still serves as Chair of the General Government Committee which has oversight for county, municipal, and statewide entities. He also has been elected twice by his fellow senators as a Majority Whip on the leadership team.

In addition to serving in the State Senate, going on mission trips, and running his app development company, Nathan currently travels throughout the U.S. sharing in churches about the importance of Christian involvement in government and how to effectively pray for our government leaders.

As a strong constitutionalist, Nathan understands that the constitutional framework the Founding Fathers gave us has allowed the United States to excel like no other country in history. Nathan has been a champion for individual rights, including the right to life and our Second Amendment rights to self-defense. He has fought for openness, transparency, and accountability in government. And he has stood for limiting the authority of the federal government to those items expressly listed in the Constitution, with all other powers remaining with the states and the people.

As your next Congressman, Nathan Dahm is dedicated to upholding the Constitution, fighting for individual rights, limiting government, cutting spending, and serving the people just as he has consistently proven to do during his time in the State Senate.