Fourth Amendment Protection Act

While the Oklahoma legislature can’t pull the plug on the National Security Agency (NSA), Senator Nathan Dahm believes the state does have the ability to make it more difficult for them to use unconstitutionally gathered information against citizens. The legislation would prohibit any government entity at the local, county, or state level from providing assistance to […]

Swearing-in Ceremony Details

The swearing-in ceremony for the Oklahoma State Senate and State House of Representatives will be as follows: Wednesday, November 14th, 2012 Oklahoma State Capitol Building 2300 North Lincoln Boulevard, Oklahoma City, OK House ceremony at 11:00am in the House Chamber Senate ceremony at 12:00 noon in the Senate Chamber Free parking is available in the […]

Voter Guide

Many people have asked about how they should vote in the upcoming election seeing as there is much more on the ballot than just the presidential election. We also have 6 state questions, 2 Tulsa County propositions, and many judges to vote to retain or not. While different people will both agree and disagree with […]

Swearing-in Ceremony

Many people have asked for the details regarding the upcoming swearing-in ceremony. Check back here for any additional details that may be added, but here are the specifics we know so far: Oklahoma Senate Swearing-in Ceremony Wednesday, November 14th, 2012 at 1200 noon Oklahoma Capitol Building – Senate Chamber 2300 North Lincoln Boulevard Oklahoma City, […]

Thank you!

Thank you all! As you’ve probably heard by now, we scored a huge win in the run-off election last week. The results showed our victory at 53.9% to our opponent’s 46.1%. We are honored by all the support we received throughout this campaign- from the volunteers that gave so much of their time, to the […]

Upcoming Volunteer Days

We are planning TWO HUGE Volunteer Days on August 16th and 18th. We plan on blanketing Senate District 33 with door knocking, lit drops, phone calls, signs and whatever other way we can get our message of limited Republican values out to the voters. With the clock ticking down to the runoff election we need […]

Happy Independence Day!

Today we celebrate our Independence Day! The day when our forefathers declared they wouldn’t go silently into the night, but we would take a stand for freedom and liberty; and a stand against tyranny. Take time today to read the Declaration of Independence. Refresh yourself with the eloquent language used to describe the foundation that […]