2016 State Questions

Many people have asked about the seven State Questions on the November 8th ballot. This is an overview only and you will have to make the final decision on how you intend to vote for yourself. In this post we have provided an overview as well as links to the official language (not just the […]

Final Days of Session

Session is winding down and our attention has been on the budget, conference committee reports, and House amendments. We have spent a majority of our time this past week in the Joint Committee on Appropriations and Budget as well as the General Conference Committee on Appropriations trying to choose how best to close the $611 […]

Session update

Session is racing by with only five or six weeks left depending on when we adjourn. If we can get all of the bills taken care of and a budget approved, we could possibly end session early, which would save the state money.  Given our revenue shortfall, every penny we can save is a blessing. […]

Bill Update

We’re entering into the sixth week of session and the deadline for bill consideration by the full Senate.  Of the 850 bill that were filed, only 400 made it through the committee process. Fifteen of my bills were approved in committee.  Eleven of those have already been approved by the full Senate and are now […]

A Look Ahead

The state Capitol is abuzz with activity this month as we prepare for the First Session of the 55th Legislature.  Gov. Mary Fallin’s inauguration was held recently along with the swearing in ceremonies of Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb, Corporation Commissioner Todd Hiett, Auditor and Inspector Gary Jones, Attorney General Scott Pruitt, Treasurer Ken Miller, schools Superintendent Joy […]

Tune in Tonight to The Piers Morgan Show

Tune in live tonight at 8pm to CNN as Senator Dahm explains his new bill on The Piers Morgan Show. The bill, called the “Piers Morgan Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms Without Infringement Act”, is a gun legislation that will strengthen Second Amendment rights.  It will hit the OK State Senate floor early […]

Fourth Amendment Protection Act

While the Oklahoma legislature can’t pull the plug on the National Security Agency (NSA), Senator Nathan Dahm believes the state does have the ability to make it more difficult for them to use unconstitutionally gathered information against citizens. The legislation would prohibit any government entity at the local, county, or state level from providing assistance to […]