Final Days of Session

Session is winding down and our attention has been on the budget, conference committee reports, and House amendments. We have spent a majority of our time this past week in the Joint Committee on Appropriations and Budget as well as the General Conference Committee on Appropriations trying to choose how best to close the $611 […]

Session update

Session is racing by with only five or six weeks left depending on when we adjourn. If we can get all of the bills taken care of and a budget approved, we could possibly end session early, which would save the state money.  Given our revenue shortfall, every penny we can save is a blessing. […]

Bill Update

We’re entering into the sixth week of session and the deadline for bill consideration by the full Senate.  Of the 850 bill that were filed, only 400 made it through the committee process. Fifteen of my bills were approved in committee.  Eleven of those have already been approved by the full Senate and are now […]

Swearing-in Ceremony Details

The swearing-in ceremony for the Oklahoma State Senate and State House of Representatives will be as follows: Wednesday, November 14th, 2012 Oklahoma State Capitol Building 2300 North Lincoln Boulevard, Oklahoma City, OK House ceremony at 11:00am in the House Chamber Senate ceremony at 12:00 noon in the Senate Chamber Free parking is available in the […]

Voter Guide

Many people have asked about how they should vote in the upcoming election seeing as there is much more on the ballot than just the presidential election. We also have 6 state questions, 2 Tulsa County propositions, and many judges to vote to retain or not. While different people will both agree and disagree with […]

Thank you!

Thank you all! As you’ve probably heard by now, we scored a huge win in the run-off election last week. The results showed our victory at 53.9% to our opponent’s 46.1%. We are honored by all the support we received throughout this campaign- from the volunteers that gave so much of their time, to the […]

Happy Flag Day!

Most people don’t celebrate Flag Day. That may be because the flag means different things to different people- to some it is a sign of honor, to others a sign of freedom, and to children in our schools it is often just a symbol to which they pledge. Yet in the pledge of allegiance, it […]