Nathan Dahm PRO LIFEThe main function of government should always be to protect our rights, including the right to life. In fact, the Declaration of Independence says “that we are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights, among which are LIFE…” and it further clarifies that “to secure these rights, governments are instituted among Men.” The Fourteenth Amendment provides Constitutional protections in that no person shall be deprived of their life, liberty, or property without due process. I have and always will stand in support of protecting the life of the unborn.

2nd Amendment Nathan DahmGuns

The Second Amendment is abundantly clear that the right to keep and bear arms is a right belonging to the people that should not be infringed. As a strong advocate of expanding protections for gun owners, I have continually championed second amendment legislation at the Oklahoma State Capitol and will continue to fight for those rights on the federal level.


Nathan Dahm the EconomyThe American people in their ingenuity have proven time after time that they can achieve greatness when given the liberty and opportunity to try, free from government interference. The over-regulation of our society has become a huge burden on business and is an even larger barrier to the entry for new businesses. During my time in the Oklahoma State Senate I have consistently worked to repeal and eliminate unnecessary laws, rules, and regulations. I will continue that fight on the federal level to lower regulatory burdens, eliminate over-reaching laws, bring accountability to government, and fight expanding bureaucracies so Oklahoma’s people and businesses have an environment to create, expand, and thrive in.


Lower Taxes Nathan DahmWe don’t have a revenue problem in Washington D.C., we have a spending problem. Our national debt has grown to astronomical proportions to over $19 trillion, meaning over $60,000 in debt per citizen. History has shown that empires cannot continue to expand indefinitely while debasing their currency. As a fiscal conservative I have fought to eliminate waste in Oklahoma government and focus on sustaining core functions of government for our state. The Constitution grants limited responsibilities to the federal government and it is time we get back to those core functions and return all other responsibilities to the states where they rightly belong.

  • Glad to have St Johns open their new Rehabilitation Hospitalhellip
    by NathanDahm Glad to have St John's open their new Rehabilitation Hospital in BA. A wonderful new facility for our community!
  • Nothing like a busy Tuesday evening on the campaign trailhellip
    by NathanDahm Nothing like a busy Tuesday evening on the campaign trail. From the Matt Pinnell campaign kick-off in his bid for Lt Governor to giving a legislative update to the Tulsa Area Republican Assembly it is always a privilege to meet with the people in the district.
  • Remember to wear your Vote Dahm shirts as youre outhellip
    by NathanDahm Remember to wear your "Vote Dahm" shirts as you're out at events celebrating our Independence. It's an easy way to help spread the word about our campaign to fight for people's rights, the Constitution, and the ideals of freedom that make our country so great!
  • So encouraging hearing from a member of the Greatest Generationhellip
    by NathanDahm So encouraging hearing from a member of the Greatest Generation at the Tulsa GOP Men's Club today. Thank you WWII glider pilot Frank Slane for your service!
  • Another full Saturday on the campaign trail Covering the Bixbyhellip
    by NathanDahm Another full Saturday on the campaign trail. Covering the Bixby Green Corn festival parade to the Mounds Independence celebration & fish fry.